APEX Agency Growth

Scaling your agency to seven-figures and beyond

If you’re an agency owner looking to scale your business, you’ve come to the right place. No gimmicks. No “growth hacks.” Accountability. Strategy. Templates and tools you need to succeed.


Imagine running an agency that generates more income than headaches, and allows you to choose to only work with clients you like – all while building towards financial freedom.

That is what we call an APEX Agency. An agency that has you at the top of your game while providing a service that benefits the lifeblood of the economy – the small business owner.

Dominic Cummins


After his father passed away when Dominic was only 19, he got an early start on his career working with ultra-high net worth investors. From there, he went into software sales before taking over global sales and marketing for a startup firm in Southern California. In twelve months, his teams had tripled the revenue of the company, ultimately leading to a successful sale of over $500 million.

This success gave Dominic the opportunity to start his own consulting business, RightMind, Inc. After coaching over 100 marketing agencies, he realized he had found his new passion – helping agency owners remove the internal and external roadblocks that prevent them from scaling their agency. His Fortune 500 and startup experience found a new home in the busy world of marketing agencies.


Doug Foley


Doug Foley is a media entrepreneur, podcast host, and digital pioneer who is known for pushing the boundaries of digital platforms to create unique solutions that drive growth. In other words, he’s a leader and an innovator with a drive and a passion for helping others thrive, succeed and think outside the box.

Doug has helped some of the most respected brands develop industry-first solutions including TD Bank, Volkswagen, and AutoTrader among others.

Having held roles in both sales and marketing, Doug worked on nurturing his relationships and chasing new business, growing not only his company but his wealth of experience. Doug is become known for his ability to simplify and explain complex solutions and has championed himself on mentoring and helping others follow their dreams and passions.

“Dominic teaches you how to sell in a way that isn’t douchey”

Ryan Deiss, CEO/Founder, DigitalMarketer